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Taking on a new construction project is a bid deal.
Thank goodness you found us.


We are a long-established project managing and building company situated next to Sotogrande on the Costa del Sol in Spain offering to accompany you right from the start when there are only a plot and the wish to build a house. With the best Sotogrande Builders in your area.

The Company was founded and still is managed by a German Diplomated Civil Engineer who has a long experience of building in Spain (Hilmar Gersie) and therefore can adapt the local circumstances to the needs of, especially foreign clients.

We formed a team of English/German-speaking professionals for a smooth building procedure. We control the quality, time, and cost with our qualified technical team and supervise every building step.

With the experience of countless trouble-solving procedures, we know how to avoid problems that might occur due to the traditional Spanish way of building.

We want our clients to enjoy their long-term investment by work towards the good coordination of all participants in the building process. We want our clients to be able to proudly inform their friends our possible buyers that the project was being planned, executed, and maintained by Hilmar Gersie Construcciones y Servicios SL. And Sotogrande Builders!

Also, we are experts in the execution of homes with a high energy efficiency, which is increasingly being imposed by environmental laws.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and we give you a free valuation and quotation. If you need small and big refurbishments done, or need any kind of help related to your property, our multi-service team will assist you


Our company is a reliable and qualified partner to execute building projects of any type as new buildings, extensions, renovations, improvements, or maintenance.

If you are looking for a building company, which can execute the construction of your property or only parts of the building or extensions, then please contact us. For achieving a high-quality outcome of the project, we will give you a proper quotation following your instructions with the input of our experience

Our company can offer absolutely every service related to your home, swimming pools or landscapes. With top Sotogrande builders.

A stress-free and satisfactory completion of work based on a proper quotation is our target

We take care of building work licenses as much as we comply with safety regulations

Sotogrande Architect Team


At the moment we are 30 employees, we have the luck that over the last years we have been growing steadily, so most of our employees are with us for a long time.
A long-term relationship is one of our main internal philosophies, which we think is very important especially here in Spain. You have to know that we don´t have an official schooling system in Spain for any manufacturing professions, so basically anybody can call himself a bricklayer. Since bricklaying is not only putting one stone onto the other, but also for example knowing how to waterproof, thermally insulate, which adhesive to use for which material, and so on, this not existing schooling system does not work for us. We need to have long term employees who learn and understand our standard of quality building.
We are trying to give the best possible quality standard as possible since that is our best long term advertisement. We feel that we can only achieve this by having good executers, which we cannot find easy on the Spanish free market.

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